Aileen Schulte

Referral Officer and Scientific Review Officer

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), NIH


Aileen Schulte is a Referral Officer and Scientific Review Officer at the National Institute of Mental Health. Her principal responsibility as an SRO is the organization of the NIMH standing committee, Mental Health Services Research (SERV), which reviews interdisciplinary research projects ranging from mental health policy studies to effectiveness studies.  SERV’s purview includes many community-based projects, including primary or specialist medical care, schools, child welfare agencies, criminal justice settings, and social service agencies. As NIMH Referral Officer, Dr. Schulte supervises the dissemination of research applications to the NIMH to appropriate panels and study sections. Prior to coming to NIMH, she received her PhD in Sociology from Indiana University where she was an NIMH predoctoral fellow on an institutional training grant. Her areas of research include social psychology, social support, and stigma. She has also held faculty positions at Albion College and SUNY – New Paltz and conducted community-based research in a criminal justice setting

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