Session IDSession TitleTrackLevelLocationSpeakersSession Group:DaySession Group:Time
PlenaryKeynote with Dr. Michael LauerAll TracksAll LevelsMaryland CDEF
Michael LauerThursday8:30-9:30
1A"Open Mike" with Dr. Michael Lauer (Repeat 4A)All TracksAll LevelsBaltimore ABMichael LauerThursday9:45-11:00
1BResearch IntegrityAll TracksAll LevelsWatertable BallroomWilliam Trenkle, Patricia ValdezThursday9:45-11:00
1CFundamentals of the NIH Grants Process & Need-to-Know ResourcesAll TracksBeginnerMaryland CDEFMegan ColumbusThursday9:45-11:00
1DFederal Research Policy Update (Repeat 3E)AdministratorsAll LevelsMaryland BMichelle Bulls, Jean FeldmanThursday9:45-11:00
1EAdvanced Administrative Topics (Repeat 9E)AdministratorsAdvancedMaryland AMary Kirker, Crystal WolfreyThursday9:45-11:00
2AManaging Compliance with the NIH Public Access PolicyAll TracksAll LevelsWatertable BallroomKathryn Funk, Neil Thakur, Bart TrawickThursday11:15-12:30
2BBonjour! Hola! International Organizations & the NIH Grants ProcessAll TracksIntermediateFells PointMary KirkerThursday11:15-12:30
2CCurrent Issues at NIH (Repeat 7C)AdministratorsAll LevelsMaryland AMichelle Bulls, Tony CorioThursday11:15-12:30
2DFrom the Inbox: Pre-Award & Post-Award Issues (Repeat 9C)AdministratorsAll LevelsBaltimore AB
Samuel Ashe, Victoria Bishton, Stefanie Harris, George TuckerThursday11:15-12:30
2ENIH Peer Review Process for AdministratorsAdministratorsBeginnerMaryland BSally Amero, Dana PludeThursday11:15-12:30
2FNavigating Your Career with NIH: An OverviewInvestigatorsBeginnerMaryland CDEFHenry Khachaturian, Kay LundThursday11:15-12:30
3AFinancial Conflict of Interest (FCOI): What You Need to KnowAll TracksAll LevelsBaltimore ABDiane Dean, Kathy HancockThursday1:45-3:00
3BReady! Set! Submit! Application Preparation & SubmissionAll TracksAll LevelsMaryland BSheri Cummins, Jessie Floura, Laura RomanThursday1:45-3:00
3CTakin’ Care of Business - SBIR/STTRAll TracksBeginnerFells PointBetty RoysterThursday1:45-3:00
3DFederal Research Policy Update (Repeat 1D)AdministratorsAll LevelsMaryland C
Michelle Bulls, Jean FeldmanThursday1:45-3:00
3EBudget Basics for Administrators (Repeat 6D)AdministratorsBeginnerMaryland EFDwight MoweryThursday11:15-12:30
3FFinding and Understanding Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs)InvestigatorsBeginnerBaltimore BallroomErica BrownThursday1:45-3:00
4A"Open Mike"with Dr. Michael Lauer (Repeat 1A)All TracksAll LevelsMaryland BMichael LauerThursday3:15-4:30
4BResearch Involving Human Subjects, HHS & NIHAll TracksAll LevelsWatertable BallroomMisti Ault Anderson, Petrice Brown-Longenecker, Meredith Temple-O'Connor Thursday3:15-4:30
4CNIH AREA (R15) Program UpdateAll TracksBeginnerMaryland EFMichelle TimmermanThursday3:15-4:30
4DCommon Compliance Pitfalls and Strategies for Success: Case Studies (Repeat 8D)AdministratorsAll LevelsMaryland CDiane Dean, Kathy Hancock, Joel Snyderman, Samantha TempchinThursday3:15-4:30
4EBudget Building Blocks for InvestigatorsInvestigatorsBeginnerBaltimore ABStephanie FertigThursday3:15-4:30
4FWriting an Effective "K" ApplicationInvestigatorsIntermediateFells PointHenry Khachaturian; Kay LundThursday3:15-4:30
5AEnd of Day Q&AAll TracksAll LevelsMaryland AAvailable FacultyThursday4:45-5:30
5BNIH Biosketch and SciENcv (Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae)InvestigatorsAll LevelsMaryland EF
Neil Thakur, Bart TrawickThursday4:45-5:30
5CResearch Involving Human Subjects Q&AAll TracksAll LevelsWatertable BallroomMisti Ault Anderson, Petrice Brown-Longenecker, Meredith Temple-O'ConnorThursday4:45-5:30
5DSimplifying NIH's Grant Application Instructions: See What's Changed!All TracksAll LevelsBaltimore AB
Stefanie, HarrisThursday4:45-5:30
5EUsing RePORT to Your Advantage (Abbreviated Version; Expanded Version 9B)All TracksAll LevelsMaryland CMegan Columbus, Nicole GarbariniThursday4:45-5:30
5FNIH Loan Repayment ProgramsAll TracksBeginnerFells PointEricka BooneThursday4:45-5:30
6AeRA Systems: Words We Take for "Grant"edAll TracksAll LevelsMaryland EFSheri Cummins, Jessie Floura, Scarlett Gibb, Laura Roman, Joe ShumakerFriday8:30-9:45
6BResearch Involving Animals! Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW)All TracksAll LevelsHomelandBrent MorseFriday8:30-9:45
6CAfter the Award is Made...Then What?AdministratorsBeginnerWatertable BallroomGeorge TuckerFriday8:30-9:45
6DBudget Basics for Administrators (Repeat 3E)AdministratorsBeginnerMaryland CDwight MoweryFriday8:30-9:45
6EPolicy & Compliance: Working Together Like Hand in GloveAdministratorsAll LevelsMaryland BMichelle Bulls, Diane DeanFriday8:30-9:45
6FGrant Writing for SuccessInvestigatorsBeginnerBaltimore ABRebekah RasoolyFriday8:30-9:45
7AInteracting Electronically with NIH: Post-SubmissionAll TracksAll LevelsMaryland CScarlett Gibb, Joe SchumakerFriday10:00-11:15
7BI Have an Idea! Inventions, Data Sharing, & Other IP ConsiderationsAll TracksIntermediateMaryland AScott Cooper, Mary Fran Deutsch, Carolyn Mosby, John SalzmanFriday10:00-11:15
7CCurrent Issues at NIH (Repeat 2C)AdministratorsAll LevelsMaryland BMichelle Bulls; Tony CorioFriday10:00-11:15
7DAll About Costs PrimerAdministratorsBeginnerMaryland EFDiane Dean, Kathy Hancock, Joel Snyderman, Samantha TempchinFriday10:00-11:15
7ENIH Career Development AwardsAdministratorsBeginnerWatertable Ballroom
Lisa MoellerFriday10:00-11:15
7FNIH Peer Review Process for InvestigatorsInvestigatorsBeginnerBaltimore ABSally Amero, Dana PludeFriday10:00-11:15 and FDAAA for NIH GranteesAll TracksAll LevelsMaryland ARebecca WilliamsFriday12:30-1:45
8BNIH Intramural Research Training OpportunitiesAll TracksAll LevelsHomelandPatricia M. SokoloveFriday12:30-1:45
8CR&D Contracts: Who, What, Where, When, Why, & How?All TracksBeginnerWatertable BallroomRichard Hartmann; George KennedyFriday12:30-1:45
8DCommon Compliance Pitfalls and Strategies for Success: Case Studies (Repeat 4D)AdministratorsAll LevelsBaltimore ABDiane Dean, Kathy Hancock, Joel Snyderman, Samantha TempchinFriday12:30-1:45
8EPost-Review to Award for InvestigatorsInvestigatorsBeginnerMaryland BCharisee Lamar, Meredith Temple-O'ConnorFriday12:30-1:45
8FRigor & Reproducibility: Back to BasicsInvestigatorsAll LevelsMaryland CPatricia ValdezFriday12:30-1:45
9APreparing & Submitting Multi-Poject Grant Applications to NIHAll TracksAll LevelsMaryland CSheri CumminsFriday2:00-3:15
9BUsing RePORT to Your Advantage (Expanded Version; Abbreviated Version 5E)All TracksAll LevelsMaryland AMegan Columbus, Nicole GarbariniFriday2:00-3:15
9CFrom the Inbox: Pre-Award & Post-Award Issues (Repeat 2D)AdministratorsAll LevelsMaryland EFSamuel Ashe, Victoria Bishton, Tony Corio, Stefanie Harris, George TuckerFriday2:00-3:15
9DResearch Training AwardsAdministratorsBeginnerWatertable BallroomShellie WilburnFriday2:00-3:15
9EAdvanced Administrative Topics (Repeat 1E)AdministratorsAdvancedBaltimore ABMary Kirker, Crystal WolfreyFriday2:00-3:15
9FAfter Your First Award: Next Steps in Your Journey with NIHAdministratorsBeginnerMaryland BDorothy Castille, Sherry MillsFriday2:00-3:15
Networking HourWatertable Private Dining RoomThursday5:30-7:30