Grace L. Shen, Ph.D.

Program Director
National Eye Institute (NEI), NIH


Grace L. Shen, Ph.D., is a Program Director at the National Eye Institute (NEI), National Institutes of Health (NIH), where she has served as the Group Leader and Program Officer for the extramural program in retinal diseases research since 2012. She received education and training at Imperial College (London, UK), Institute of Psychiatry (London, UK), St. Louis University School of Medicine, and National Cancer Institute (NCI). Her research in oncogene led to the seminal finding in the identification of the involvement of the myc oncogene in the nonrandom chromosomal rearrangement event in cancer and was recognized as an expert in the myb oncogene field.

During her extramural career with NIH, Dr. Shen has also served as Director of the Ocular Immunology Program and the Group Leader and Director for the Cornea Diseases Program at NEI (2003-2011).  She was a member of the National Cancer Institute’s extramural program where she managed grants in the Cancer Immunology and Cancer Genetics Programs (1991-2000).

Dr. Shen has also worked in the biotech sector as the Scientific Director of the Oncology Program at Gene Logic Inc. (2000-2003). While there, she developed and managed a multi-million Affymetrix microarray project to generate a database with gene expression profile for over 4500 tumor and control samples with searchable clinical parameters for human patients. She also served as a reviewer for an NIH-SBIR study section.

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